My plan is to create a space where you feel good in your own skin. Taking care of my clients is a joy, ensuring each one experiences a uplifting time with me.

My name is Heather Bush


There was a time when becoming a mom seemed like a distant dream because of some health challenges.  I love children, so I decided to start a photography business from my home, back in 2001, where I could be surrounded by the joy they bring.

I dedicated myself to my photography business, and as it grew, I was able to move into a studio of my own! My portraits began to decorate many homes across Alabama. And guess what? My own little miracles happened—I had two wonderful girls. It was a joyful surprise!

In 2023, a new chapter began when I met Alex, and we got married. Now, we're a big, blended family with seven amazing kids, and every day is filled with excitement and fun.  I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story!

It all started when I was told
I could never have children...


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